Heads Over Houses by Arthur Segal

Woodcut, 1912.

Heads Over Houses

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Art work details

Original Title :
Köpfe über Häusern
Year of production :
Arthur Segal
Medium :
Original print, Woodcut
Ink, Paper
Dimensions :
height: 35.2 cms; width: 25 cms
Credit Line :
Purchased from Mrs Margaret Fisher
Copyright :
John A Segal
Woodcut, Architecture, Segal

Segal’s vision of heads looking down on a village is intentionally rough-hewn, linking to the Brücke, yet perhaps connects more strongly to the approach of Der Blaue Reiter, the rising human forms becoming spiritually attuned to nature, their once solid reality becoming more abstract when compared to the buildings below.

One of the many artists from outside Germany to be drawn to German Expressionism, Segal was born in Jassy, Roumania. He studied in Berlin and Munich, later settling in Berlin and helping with the founding of the Neue Sezession, exhibiting with Nolde, Heckel, Kirchner and Schmidt-Rottluff. In 1911 he exhibited with Der Blaue Reiter and the Künstlervereinigung Munchen (Munich Artists’ Association).

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