Visions Plate 13: Pegasus Forced into Military Service by Max Slevogt

Lithograph, 1917.

Visions Plate 13: Pegasus Forced into Military Service

Art work details

Original Title :
Pegasus in Kriegsdienst
Year of production :
Max Slevogt
Medium :
Original print, Lithograph
Ink, Paper
Dimensions :
height: 26.7 cms; width: 37.7 cms
Credit Line :
Purchased from Mrs Monika Kinley with MGC/V&A Purchase Grant Fund assistance
Associated Groups :
Berliner Secession
Lithograph, World War I, Animals, War, Slevogt, Visions

Plate 13 from ‘Visions’, 1916-17.

In this powerful image, Slevogt depicts the mythical winged horse Pegasus stripped of its heroic status and power. The same creature that Perseus rode to rescue Andromeda is now wretched, its proud head hung low and its wings tightly bound. A demonic rider rains vicious blows down on Pegasus, as the creature drags a heavy cannon through the battlefield.

In the humbling of Pegasus, Slevogt shows us how war indiscriminately destroys art and culture, leaving behind a soulless wasteland.

V & A Purchase Grant Fund

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