Untitled story part 6 by Wilhelm von Kaulbach

Pencil Drawing.

Untitled story part 6

Art work details

Original Title :
unidentified subject
Wilhelm von Kaulbach
Medium :
Pencil drawing
Paper, Pencil
Dimensions :
height: 54 cm; width: 76 cm
Credit Line :
Portrait, Kaulbach

Leicester Museums received a set of nine drawings by von Kaulbach in 1926. They were thought to be illustrations to a story.  They are numbered so we know the order in which they should be viewed but we do not know what the story is. If you have any information, please get in touch with us at germanexpressionism@leicester.gov.uk

In the sixth scene the person at the window looks on in alarm as the young man is enthralled by the ring with large stone that the other man is holding. Perhaps he is being bribed into doing something he shouldn’t?

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